Testimonial 6

Warren’s passion for his work is evident in his warm, thorough, and attentive demeanor. As a former client I always felt comfortable and learned a great deal about how different parts of the body work together. I would highly recommend working with him!

Testimonial 5

He helped me recover from major hip surgery and also manage the anxiety and pain associated with it. His background in health and fitness training has given him better understanding of orthopedic injuries, treating with orthopedic acupuncture as well as traditional,...

Testimonial 4

I had a super race day. Excellent weather and a beautiful course were a big part of it. However, I felt great for the entire race. The extra work on my upper back turned out to be a great call because I forgot I always have a pain in my right shoulder blade after long...

Testimonial 1

Warren helped me with an Achilles injury, reducing inflammation and getting me back to running-thank you for all of your help, it made a huge difference!

Testimonial 2

I trained with Warren in Boston for several years and found him to be so helpful in keeping me in good physical condition. He is extremely knowledgeable and curious about his field which translates to excellent work. In addition, he is the nicest, caring, and most...